3 Being pursued by unknown forces, Paul Geradi takes shelter in the monastery where his former boss Carl Cassimon has retreated.

Geradi had to spend the night in the monastery in the hope that Cassimon would agree to talk to him in the morning. Meanwhile his wife and daughter were fielding silent calls from the security services through the night.  Les flics were watching and listening to everything, and coming up empty. Geradi looked through old photos and documents which he had been sent trying to make sense of it all – he certainly had more chance than the viewing public in the UK who did not speak the language on the documents.

Vincent in his shiny suit looked even more oleaginous than previously and the secret Salamander group tried to reassure one another that everything was under control. Martine raised the possibility that it was the bank itself  or its owner that was under attack as a further 720 in other banks hadn’t been touched at all.

Carl was intrigued by the list of Belgian movers and shakers and admitted that he was better than before he had gone into the monastery. He hadn’t had a visitor for over a year but Carl was reluctant to offer more than a place to stay. Hedge trimming, prayer and sleep seemed to be his new raison d’etre and his advice to Paul was to take his extended leave and think of his family as the case was too big for him. He’d made one blunder in the past which was referenced and this new life was all that he could cope with. Paul asked the young brother who kept offering help for a phone book, but they did have the internet – and coiffed hair and beer. Skål!

The lead thief sent his co-conspirators off in different directions at the airport and said he would be out of contact for two days, He reassured them that they would get the rest of their money in December.

Paul went back into the city and changing cars was as easy as elbowing the car window out and connecting wires to get to the only person who might provide some answers. He was lucky that the Senator was out and that his wife was in the mood for some sort of vengeance. Finding out a husband has a secret bank account with bonds and stocks does that to a wife.

Carl was between a rock and a hard place, betray Paul or Paul’s daughter would be targeted. You can check out from P9 / Veiligheid van de Staat any time you like, but you can never leave. His weakness with Sarah two years ago provided the leverage the secret services needed.

4 As Paul flees the monastery he realises his daughter will be targeted by government agents.

He had entrusted his documents to Brother Victor to keep safe.  Sofie meanwhile had been taken from her school by P9. Paul was trapped, then drugged.

Letters to the 66 began arriving with their demands. A resignation, a disappearance which even the media noticed. It looked as if a crisis was looming which could not be prevented. A suicide, but what was the significance of the 1944 black and white photo of 4 men that the man who was doing all this placed a single bullet in front of? Three deaths hushed up by the Public Prosecutor, but for what?

Paul was offered a shower by his former colleagues who genuinely seemed to just want to keep him out of the way for a couple of days.

Senator Rasenberg’s wife meanwhile tried to contact Paul by telephone but as she knew she was being watched by her husband’s assistant who was under instructions to report back she may have had her own agenda.

The Public Prosecutor Persigal  arrived to talk to Paul. His panic about who was behind the robbery was clear. The country could be destroyed by the information that had been inside the safety deposit boxes. Paul was asked to help, but refused. Persigal told the captors that they knew what to do.

Carl arrived to look for his van but Sofie realised when she saw her mother with him that this must be the man she had had an affair with and she left despite knowing the danger she was in.

In Flemish and French with English subtitles.

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