Stenberg and Viktoria had dated in their final year when much younger. Pascal Brennan of Medisonus had had knowledge that the drugs were unsafe and had obviously been the prime mover in the disappearance of the people involved in the medical trials. Unfortunately Brennan was also dead after a car crash in 2005. Medisonus was more and more implicated in all strands of the enquiry and as Viktoria was already CEO ten years previously it was unlikely that her hands were clean. An internet search threw up Viktoria’s brother Oliver who was a perfect match for the sketch the police already had.

Viktoria was completely unloving and harsh towards Oliver in a show down caused by what Bodil had said to her. It was clear that she thought him useless and lacking initiative, it was only then he confessed that he had released the plague and caused the company stock to rise. He confessed to crime after crime all in the name of love. He attempted to smother Viktoria but was stopped by his wife’s intervention and the sudden arrival of armed police. By the time they entered the bedroom however it was Oliver who was dead and Viktoria and the sister-in-law who had killed him, in self defence. All a bit conveniently, poison vials were found and a confession was on tape.

Saga’s tears for the end of her relationship were juxtaposed with Martin’s wife refusing his advances because she was coming down with something – hopefully nothing plague related.

The nightmare scenario of an airborne virus being released from a canister into the atmosphere from a plane was outlined and although it seemed as if they had acted in time, the people on board flight 443 had already breathed in the virus. Containment and quarantine were the only hope for mankind in general.

When Martin thought he’s had a bad day at the office, things only got worse when he went home and his wife said it wasn’t going to work out between them. He’d lost Saga and his wife all in a few hours.  No wonder then that his personal demons came back to haunt him in the hotel room.

Of course as this is all from the penultimate episode, there are red herring galore and the apparent ending described above is not the actual denouement. If however you want a complete description of all that occurred  use this professional blog here: