Saga and Martin faced a puzzle when someone threatened to blow up a chemical plant.

The episode began with a shooting, but luckily only of a caged chicken.

Jakob’s mother turned up at Saga’s work to check out her intentions towards her son – how volt face.

Saga and Martin suspected someone within their own group had been doctoring reports.

The polis caught up with the car that Laura had been abducted in. She was in the boot but it still didn’t clear the father as far as I was concerned. She’s been shot at before so why just abduct her this time especially as others in the lift had been shot at close range.

Blomgren was named for the first time as a doctor in charge of two drug trials in the early 2000s but having disappeared, thought drowned. just after his retirement it was down to his widow to fill in the blanks. She was spooked enough after their visit to call her declared dead spouse on Skype immediately after they left.

Medisonus was featuring in the investigation more and more. Viktoria had inherited the company from her father and her brother who watched her using hidden cameras even while she was in the bath seemed to be out of the financial wheelings and dealings.

Rasmus’s doctoring of files came back to haunt him and so did his lack of a nut allergy.

Saga’s unbuttoning of her leather trousers seemed more obvious this week. I wonder if she is pregnant and knows?

Viktoria continued to be horrible to her brother Oliver yet speak civilly to Bodil so she could write the biography. Oliver was weak according to her and not up to the challenge of running the company. His 19% share was the peak of his involvement. Oliver of course was listening in to every word on his computer until his wife came home. Medicinal marijuana was helping to loosen Victoria’s tongue. Victoria’s wish list included sleeping with Bodil who seemed as intrigued by the idea as she.

Martin continued to try and reach the mind and heart of the man who had killed his son but it looked like a lost cause. Martin’s family life with Mette and the children seemed to be back on track however until Saga phoned right in the middle of them touching each other tenderly.

Peter Thaulov met with Caroline and then went to the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen to meet Duksa a Lithuanian. His alibi was that they were having a clandestine affair, which had been going on since they met in Thailand some time earlier,  and his naked body seemed to suggest this might be the case. Again a Thailand link – were they both there to meet Blomgren?

When Martin got back home Mette asked him if he was “too tired” – like that would ever happen with Martin – but afterwards as Mette stood on a cold balcony it looked as if she might be regretting that decision.

Jakob was woken at nearly 5 in the morning to see if he would prefer to have a room just for Saga in the apartment or to live separately. Poor Jakob.

Oliver’s wife discovered his dirty little secret and Laura finally awoke from her coma and remembered who her attacker was.

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