Why was Laura taken in her pyjamas to the scene by two police officers – Martin and Saga – after having had a head injury? I’d like to think that a UK hospital would have taken more care of her no matter how much of a terror alert there was in place as it seemed a step too far. Moreover was her father so keen on her having a reunion with her ex teacher Beate so that she could be his latest victim? It all seems so coincidental that Laura is at the centre of every section of the terror operation without being privy to what is going on.

It was also a bit of a puzzle why a new cell was willing to get involved in the kidnap of an animal tester when they must have known how the last cell was disposed of at the end of their usefulness.

Why is the nanny keeping one child’s drink separate from the others? is she trying to keep him sick or just preventing the spread of disease?

We keep seeing bottles of water – is that a clue for the final attack or do Swedes/Danes just drink a lot of water?

Rasmus finally got the chance to act as a police officer should and Caroline plucked up the courage to cheat on her husband with a  gigolo.

Saga ploughed through the minefield of relationships by staying in a hotel and asking inappropriately probing questions of her colleagues – but when Rasmus spoke to her, her hurt was palpable as was our shock at the end of the episode.

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