Recap – spoiler

1 The coastguard board a ship headed for the Oresund Bridge and make a surprising discovery.

The ship left the fairway heading for shallow water, alerting the coastguard, heading straight for the bridge while narrowly avoiding a young lone female sailor. Saga Noren was called in by the coastguard to examine five chained individuals below deck who were all drugged or ill. They were not crew. Saga knew this wasn’t just a case of finding missing teenagers, more likely it was a kidnapping. Martin looked remarkably delighted to see Saga, considering, but it had been just over a year. His hair had gone completely silver.  The kidnapping turned into a homicide investigation when one of the teenagers died. In a bit of role reversal, Saga was now the one living with a partner and Martin was the single one, albeit one with responsibilities towards five young children. Interestingly he still wore his ring.

A secondary age boy, Linus, had his mobile phone taken by other boys but couldn’t prove it. By the time he got it back, the boys had sent a sex text to all his contacts. His rage was silent. Trying to impress these boys was a burning issue.

Martin’s grief was palpable when they drove over the bridge where he had found out his son was dead.

Marcus the owner of the ship claimed his ship had been stolen and would have needed at least two crew. Marcus said he couldn’t  speak to them any more because of his wife’s call but blew it because he had given his full name when answering the phone – not the usual way to speak to your wife.

The kidnapped teenagers spoke about flashing lights but remembered nothing. Victor recovered from his coughing fit long enough to take a nurse hostage and demand to be allowed to leave the hospital to see Maria. Too bad Maria was dead. Martin handcuffed himself and replaced the nurse, then immediately kneed Victor to disable him. Not completely stable then. He also had flashbacks of Jen when on the train.

Martin thought his hours of working with Saga had done him more good than a year talking things over with his therapist. He tried to move things on too quickly with his wife Mette but she didn’t acquiesce as he hoped. He would remain a man living alone in a little apartment, swimming lengths in the basement pool to work out his issues. He asked to see Jens in prison to reassure himself that he was really no longer a danger to his family. The problem was that Martin had already encountered the danger earlier that week at the hospital.


2 Online, four individuals in masks use signs to claim responsibility for the plague.

Niklas, the brother of the boy having adventures with his mobile phone – Nokia Lumia I think –  was a scientist working with manufactured bacteria and a real stickler for his five a day. Bacteria which was stockpiled all over Copenhagen, apparently, in all the hospital research centres.

The people who had fled the ship and once on shore had escaped in a red car – red, red. Repeating it makes it more helpful, does it not?

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Four people made an online video while disguised in animal masks about what would happen if they didn’t have their aims met. Meanwhile someone collapsed after eating a piece of fruit helpfully provided by our frog pin wearing terrorists. The same baskets of fruit we had seen Niklas stockpile at the start of the episode.

Mads Nielson was the most likely suspect as he had given a fake address to his employers and he had a criminal record for assaulting police officers. even his group of activists claimed to have kicked him out because he was too radical.

A petty gang made the mistake of demanding money from Martin who immediately grabbed the leader by the neck and pulled out his gun. Still not too stable.

Laura the sailor tried to get money out of her father for new shoes then decided to blackmail her female teacher who had not given her a 12 for her maths. She felt that a new pair of shoes was sufficient payment to keep quiet about the affair they had been having.

There were many herring with a scarlet hue.

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