Captain Denny was dead in the grounds of Pemberley and George Wickham had been found guilty by a first court of his peers.

Louisa Bidwell had had a baby by Freddie whom, it turned out, was George Wickham. Taking new fruit which was ripe for the plucking had been his modus operandi before marriage so it fitted with the guilty bounder image that he had impregnated a pretty girl under false pretences. Louisa had been tricked into selling her child to the mysterious woman in the purple and green bonnet who had been in the woods. Colonel Fitzwilliam, Captain Denny and Mrs Young – Wickham’s sister – had all been involved and only a mother’s sixth sense had prevented the transaction taking place. Thirty pounds – a fortune in those days.

Resplendent tree lined river pathways and vermilion wallpapered Georgian rooms formed the backdrop for most of the Pemberley scenes. Even the desperate proposal of Fitzwilliam seemed quite romantic in such a setting.

The real court case took place in a Derby Wedgwood blue and cream room where the judge sat in splendour with a nice little personal crystal decanter and glass to liven up the proceedings.

The flashback to the murder scene didn’t clarify what might have happened. The bloodied rock was not ruled admissible. Debt in a convenient list however was. Hypotheses were put forward by the prosecution, none of which were particularly convincing. Mrs Piggott’s testimony was damning, even if she had been in the privy when being made privy to the truth of the exchange between Wickham and Denny.

Elizabeth and Darcy rekindled their love against plump pillows surrounded by sumptuous candlelight.

This was the pivotal point and everyone began to behave decently and the truth came out following a deathbed confession.

All’s well that ends well.