Well who knew plush cushions had other uses?

Brody, gun concealed, was allowed to leave the secure area after a heart stopping moment when guns were drawn because he hadn’t handed over his pass. Akbari’s body was discovered soon enough however and that concealed gun came into its own.

Carrie was prepared to be persona non grata if captured in order to protect Brody and attempt to extract him from Tehran. It’s not as if a ginger man would be obvious sitting next to a hennaed woman in Iran after all.

Saul had to play the numbers and try to get Carrie out at the expense of Brody in order to bolster up Javadi his final play. It was his final day as director, what to do – what to do?

Over miles of red sand while Carrie drove, Brody filled in a back story about his childhood that Carrie hadn’t known about. A child of the dessert, and  now only 50 miles from the freedom of the safe house.

Akbari was confirmed not only to be dead but also a “really bad guy” lest we feel sorry for this peripheral character America wanted to get rid of.

Carrie and Brody talked about “What nexts”, a scenario they had thought they would never have. Brody rightly queried how you could redeem yourself after killing one person by killing another. “It’s becoming less and less fucking clear.”

An ideal time for the big reveal about the four month pregnancy, then.