Quinn cornered Carrie in the lift and told her that he knew she was pregnant so she should avoid going in to the ops room. Carrie angrily retorted that it wasn’t Brody’s.

It was odd to hear Brody and his trainers speak in English when meant to be in Iraq. The first rule of successful spying would be to do all you could to avoid detection and speaking in English would be too risky, especially as Brody speaks good Arabic from his years of incarceration. Saying zool instead of goat for example. They had subtitles when in the Iranian household so it’s not as if the audience can’t cope. They did rectify this later in the episode.

Prayer again featured showing the one consistency that tied Brody to the past.

Drone problems were resolved just as Brody and his men were discovered by local police. “Good night!” was the code for anything but. Brody was scared, and no wonder.

Not something the president needed to know…