Homeland 3 – 9

Carrie reunites with Brody under extremely difficult circumstances, Saul gets a win from an unlikely source, and Dana grapples with her new life away from home.

From now on the CIA will need to be known as Beards-R-Us as everyone in the room dealing with Brody and those outside sported one. Brody would not have been paranoid if he had thought he was back in the Middle East. But no, this was what rescue from Caracas looked like – beaded men holding you down while you went cold turkey and messed your pants. Not being ill enough to get sober and clean in time for Saul’s plans a dangerous substance was mooted,  banned on American soil. Laws exist, but not for the CIA – unless they get caught.

Brody was so sick and tired of it all he said “Kill me now.” and meant it. The bearded ones tried throwing him overboard as normally that proves to the suicidal that some vestige of desire to live remains but he sank like a stone and they had to go into the water to rescue him.

Lockhart tried to enlist Carrie’s support by saying he had read her file – if he had he would have known she only had trust for Saul. Lockhart must have gotten his information about Saul being in Caracas somewhere so homes were swept for bugs and the one left by the jilted lover last week was discovered. Carrie was eventually visited by Saul who told her about one last play for Brody that would benefit America and bring Israel and Iran a step closer to being able to meet and jaw jaw instead of war war.

Carrie played Brody like a fiddle by showing him Dana cleaning in a backwater motel room. Given the information about what had happened to her after he was shown to be a traitor was enough for him to try again. Too bad Dana professed just before he left for the mission that she didn’t want to ever see him, or Carrie again – And Chris? Missing as usual.

Saul let Lockhart off the hook to avoid humiliating his wife and weakening the CIA – what a hero.


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