Borgen 3 – Episodes 5 and 6

The New Democrats see an opportunity to assert themselves by condemning prostitution in Denmark.

Birgitte suggests a former Communist Party member should run for the New Democrats.

Birgitte out of power isn’t nearly as interesting as when she was trying to hold on to her place as Denmark’s first female Prime Minister. The machinations of party politics when it is more about votes rather than a genuine ideology doesn’t sit well with me as it is too close to the mark about what I think of politicians generally – in it for themselves rather than it is because they believe it. The road to hell being paved with good intentions, indeed.

So what did we learn in this double episode:

Brigitte has pre-cancerous changes in her breast cells which may, or may not, explain her increasing difficulty with the fingers in her right hand. I suspect they are unconnected.

Katrine finds it difficult to accept that sex workers might just enjoy the job of unemotional sex in exchange for money and yet gets her kit off the moment Alex pops up late at night for a booty call.

Kasper has hair which grows at a rate of knots and we never know which version will arrive to see his son. He doesn’t see Katrine as a sexual object any more but says he would not have chosen anyone else to have a child with – I didn’t know whether to applaud or throw a cushion at the TV.

Malmo train station seemed to be essential to the story, if only to underline that the potential economics spokesperson for the New Democrats was the same actor who had been Troels Hartmann in The Killing – my heart fluttered ever so briefly.

The very ones who want to “protect” sex workers are often those who disregard their opinions the most as they think they are superior and “know best”.

Danish women sound quite stilted when they speak in English even although they speak it well vocabulary wise – is intonation difficult to master or do Danes not exclaim quite as much as we do? It would explain why they sound unemotional even when talking about important issues.

Is Torben’s erratic behaviour and forgetfulness indicative of something sinister, or is he just a busy man?

And finally, who will care for Birgitte and who will repay her loan to her ex when it all goes horribly wrong?

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