Homeland – A Red Wheelbarrow

A Red Wheelbarrow

Homeland’s new obsession seems to be classic poem titles. Now that the jazz has petered off they are appealing to those who imagine themselves to be educated by referencing poetry, perhaps.

New information allows Carrie and Quinn to pursue a key suspect in the Langley bombing. Saul deals with a political backlash. The Brody family gets some startling news.

The episode began with the lies that couples tell one another – “There’s nowhere I’d rather be…” etc as Saul brought up breakfast in bed for his errant wife. They spoke wistfully about going back to the Philippines when the latest operation was all over to recoup some of their lost romance. As Saul was planning to control Javadi until there was a regime change in Iran that didn’t seem like any time soon. The eyes of the wife over a glass of red later on told us they’d been there many times before – “A couple of days, a week at the most” as Saul prepared to waltz off somewhere Carrie wasn’t to be told about.

Meanwhile Carrie seated oddly at a very low level on the left side of the screen while Quinn lorded it on a higher chair on the right looked through various files to try and work out who the bomber had been at Langley. Perhaps her pregnancy is becoming too difficult to mask in side on shots and the typist’s chair allowed her to move round away from the camera.

The next play was to convince the lawyer connected to Javadi that he was about to become under a CIA investigation himself. Carrie feigned ignorance so that she could have some time to try and find out the information which would give her 24 hours off the clock – time enough to have a scan, booze and lithium, what could possibly go wrong.


Saul’s wife Mira appears to have been played herself as the man protesting his love for her the day before has enabled a surveillance camera in her house. One would think that someone so high up in the CIA would have top notch security so that that couldn’t happen.

Carrie went off on a lone mission to try and save the bomber from assassination so that the CIA could prove Brody was innocent, meanwhile the lawyer’s clean up man poured bleach over his bullet ridden body and the CIA cleaned up Carrie’s unfortunate intervention by having Quinn shooting her on the shoulder, possibly an artery the hospital were told. “Where the fuck is Saul?” Carrie asked, not unreasonably.

Saul was paying $10,000,000 to Venezuelan drug lords to get Brody out.

He looked so drug addled that it might be too late.

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