The curse of old men is that they realise nothing they do ever changes things. Being at the centre of power sometimes means nothing and yet the desire to hold on never leaves.

With his old adversary in custody, Saul takes the gamble of his career – sending Javadi back into Iran, one way or another. Carrie and Quinn rush to contain a local police investigation. Mira’s marriage arrives at a crossroads.

Saul decided to play Javadi back inside Iran, much to Javadi’s consternation. Afterall public hangings were back in vogue in Iran and his $50 million might take some explaining away if the authorities caught wind of his treachery over the years. Javadi showed his disdain for Saul and the two women who had helped to bring him down but he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Rock and a hard place, just how we like our terrorists.

Delicious Quinn showered but like Lady McBeth couldn’t quite get rid of the blood, or his image on the neighbour’s security camera. F. Murray Abram becoming more sinister with every episode gave Quinn and opening to explain himself but then threw him to the wolves.

Pregnant Carrie tried to work with the police on the ground to clear up CIA involvement in the killing of Javadi’s ex-wife and daughter-in-law but “It’s classified” is no longer enough in the post-Wiki Leaks days of openness and accountability.

Meanwhile Javadi’s revelation that Brody was not the Iranian man on the ground at Langley meant that Carrie’s faith in him had been justified, again. How can someone so erratic be so right when it comes to who is and who is not trustworthy? Of course, veracity and Javadi are not exactly synonymous so his drip feed implications that Brody was still involved in some way could not be taken as right or wrong.

Quinn was so deep under cover that Peter Quinn was only a legal name – it makes Carrie’s retained connection with her own family all the more extraordinary. Quinn faced down the police investigator who ranted about tax funded operatives who only ever made things worse – not that it got him very far. Quinn was convinced enough to be taking about leaving the CIA afterwards – if only Carrie hadn’t asked him to do one more job.

Saul explained himself and his plans for turning Javadi into an asset as far as he was willing to and his soon-to-be boss Lockhart was less than thrilled. The need for public justice outweighed the need for a controllable asset as far as he was concerned but he quickly found the tables turned as he was locked into an investigation room until Saul’s plans were put into action.

Saul was back, and all that jazz.