Birgitte is back!

Ostensibly retired to be a business woman, Birgitte is in Hong Kong on the lecture circuit/business trips so beloved of ex politicians but there comes a point where even although everyone has moved on stands have to be taken. What cause is important enough to give up your cushy lifestyle? Well if you’re a RL politician, some are less altruistic than others.

Clicky-clacky green high heel wearing, tousled haired Birgitte tottered down Hong Kong streets clutching her overly large handbag close to her stomach. Smiling at stall holders and engaging in badinage it appeared that she had been there some time dining out on recycled jokes and local delicacies like snake. Odd that someone so used to politics would find snake so offensive to the tongue. Her British Monarch of the Glen paramour Jeremy gives us the excuse for the odd snatch of English as a sop to all the English speaking countries who now lap up the meta-narrative that is the story of a winner triumphing over adversity.

Not for Birgitte delays over the right kind of tile for a new building or rented penthouse suites which make Hong Kong and Copenhagen look their best. A leaking run down basement was a metaphor for the work that Birgitte would have to put in to transform Denmark into the new democratic ideal that she had originally swept to power espousing.

And that’s the thing about ideals – once you’ve lost them, you’ve lost yourself and Birgitte isn’t the sort to lose sight of herself.

Luckily so far she’s taking Bent, bless his little frowning head, and – one-drink-and-she’s-anybody’s – Katrine with her while managing to walk that fine line between disaffected former Moderates and Right-wingers.

We are the law, and if we don’t like it as it currently is, it is indeed our duty to change the law in question to better reflect what we think.