So there we were, drinking our weekly glass of vino collapso watching Salvo crack his latest cases, all the while being confronted by women with problems getting clothing to cover up their cleavages and unlocking his front door despite his balcony being always open to let us see the sea.

Lulled by the familiarity of life in imaginary Vigàta and dreams of a Latin speaking Catarella, I didn’t quite see it coming.

I was too intrigued by Livia’s poor  unsynched dubbing to pay attention to the well telegraphed ominous tone of the episode – the sadness of Livia and Salvo being recognised when investigating Tunisians. I’d forgotten that Francois, the little Tunisian boy almost adopted by Livia and Salvo in the first episode was all grown up and in some sort of trouble. We’d met him briefly again 3 episodes earlier which had already aired the regrets of Montalbano and Livia as they spoke about how life would have been different if they had taken him in back then. The regrets of that episode will seem as nothing I suspect compared with the regrets to come.