Desperate times call for desperate measures. – I know, let’s use the woman with the well documented mental instability to save the world, and Dana!

Dana’s mother Jess turned up on Carrie’s doorstep to beg for help as, afterall, a husband’s ex-lover must be useful for something even if it is calling in all favours to try and find your absconded daughter and her murdery boyfriend joyriding up and down the freeway.

Unfortunately there weren’t as many FBI/CIA agents willing to be involved as might have been hoped. Mysterious phone calls about yoga with Max risked the operation she was supposed to be involved in and Quinn was not a happy bunny. Nor was Virgil, Max’s brother.

Saul was also relying on Carrie to lure the Iranian Javadi. into a meeting but he still had time to go huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’. Taking down some big boys was the order of the day. Who were the big guys? Animals, Javadi and no doubt Lockhart – seeing as Saul has been overlooked as Director of the CIA and has only two weeks left.

Favourite quote of the episode, and possibly the series,  “You do know how Romeo and Juliet ends, don’t you? Not well”

Ha ha Claire Danes.