Game On

Carrie finds out that the CIA can still exercise power when they have to, Dana goes AWOL, and Saul and Fara follow the money trail to an unexpected location.

Carrie’s hearing followed a night of disturbed sleep because another patient was being forced to take medication against her will. Carrie’s family didn’t show up despite a reminder from Carrie’s representative the day before because they had been duped into believing that the hearing had been cancelled. Carrie was deemed fit to be released under normal circumstances but  too much of a security risk to be allowed to leave. It wasn’t long however before Carrie was released following an emergency circuit judge decision as a favour to the law firm Carrie had turned down the day before as she suspected they were not working in America’s best interests. Car-less and with her funds frozen Carrie was forced to consider options which in the past were part of her risky behaviour. She slept with a previous one-nighter to get away from her own apartment and access to some cash. It did her no good of course as she was picked up at eight outside his department, just as she was meant to have been picked up at eight outside her own. Meeting a shady lawyer she finally agreed to meet with his client face to face alone to talk about why he had lost operatives in the US.

Dana meanwhile had run off in the family car with her drug toking boyfriend. Phone flung out the window and expensive car swapped for a clunker she was on the run and off the grid  for the duration. They spent their own version of a road movie visiting key moments from their pasts, like the death of a younger twin and the last true word Brody had said to Dana. However all was not as it seemed here either as Leo had actually been the one who had shot his twin and his stay in the facility had been the result of a plea bargain to keep him out of JD. So Dana has unwittingly exchanged one liar for another.

Saul and Fara traced the skimming of $45 million to the second in command in the Iranian regime. It was to be used by Saul as leverage to find out who the Iranian spies were on American soil.

The cliffhanger when it came was almost worth the slow pace of the first three episodes as it appeared that Saul and Carrie were actually working as a team to force a meeting with the Iranian so that the next stage of the investigation could begin.

It all comes down to trust, who do we trust and are we right to place that much power into their hands?