1/4. Angelica’s Smile

A series of burglaries takes place at the houses of the wealthy. Montalbano suspects something more sinister. In Italian with English subtitles.

Montalbano returned tonight, older but still as headstrong with his inability to commit fully to Livia (different actress) and his head being turned by a pretty face – and let’s be honest a few other things on display. Livia had to leave to go back to Genoa as Italy in recession meant that her job was in jeopardy. Before she left she queried how different their lives would have been if they had just adopted Francois after his mother’s death 15 years previously. Very different we all shouted at the screen. Livia leaving allowed Montalbano to do what he does, fall in love with an attractive woman and hope against hope that she is not just toying with him so that she can escape detection.

Salvo remains obsessed by food and continues to be interrupted by emergencies whenever he eats or sleeps. Even the rich seem to have wallpaper which is marked by damp patches or plaster where paint should be and that certainly matches my impression of Italy – old, refined but in need of a little tlc. Catarella has discovered the joys of computer games, Mimi has discovered the joys of taking a few days off with his family and Francois broods, in much the same way he did when he was five.

A puppet show with the paladins of Charlemagne features strongly in this episode which must make more sense to a European audience but even although I used to teach European history it was a folk tale I was unfamiliar with.


Salvo Montalbano      Luca Zingaretti
Mimi’ Augello      Cesare Bocci
Fazio      Peppino Mazzotta
Catarella      Angelo Russo
Nicolo’ Zito      Roberto Nobile
Livia      Lina Perned
Angelica Cosulich      Margareth Made
Writer      Francesco Bruni
Writer     Andrea Camilleri
Writer      Leonardo Marini
Director     Alberto Sironi