Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis and Melissa Leo tells the story of two missing little girls who disappear on Thanksgiving. Bravura performances by all adult actors make it an edge of the seat film as the layers of normality are gradually peeled back to reveal the sub-human urges that we probably all have hidden under a veneer of regular person. It’s every parents’ nightmare that their child will disappear and in the rush to find them and protect them from horror, primal emotions would probably lead to what this film portrays – parents out of control and dedicated police officers trying to solve the crime while parents dissemble and go off half cocked on their own.

The film last 153 minutes but doesn’t give you enough time to draw breath between one scene and another as the tension is cranked up again and again. Just as you think you know what might be going on you will be lead down a different alley. I had worked out what might be happening quite early on but there were so many wrong turns along the way and the goalposts kept moving just out of sight so I wasn’t entirely sure right up till the end.

Worth the cost of the premier seat – without a large drink –  I’d suggest as the film is so long you will be uncomfortable otherwise.