The final episode of Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake, starring:

  1. Detective Robin Griffin Elisabeth Moss
  2. Detective Al Parker David Wenham
  3. Matt Mitcham Peter Mullan
  4. Johnno Mitcham Thomas M Wright
  5. GJ Holly Hunter
  6. Tui Jacqueline Joe
  7. Mark Mitcham Jay Ryan
  8. Luke Kip Chapman
  9. Simone Mirrah Foulkes
  10. Officer Pete Stephen Lovatt
  11. Putty Edward Campbell
  12. Melissa Georgi Kay
  13. Officer Joy Gavin Rutherford
  14. Zena Madeleine Sami
  15. Tegan Sydney Telfer
  16. Anita Robyn Malcolm
  17. Bunny Genevieve Lemon
  18. Anne-Marie Alison Bruce
  19. Prue Sarah Valentine
  20. Grishina Skye Wansey
  21. Young Jude Loren Taylor
  22. Kayla Connor Olivia Moore
  23. Belgian Guy Stuart McKenzie
  24. Officer Elliot Elliot Fell
  25. Daniel Layne Opetaia

Everything was apparently tied up in a neat bundle. GJ walked off through the long grass dragging her case behind her telling Tui that she wanted “No goodbyes. Thanks” having had enough of the crazy bitches and what they had made Paradise into. She told Tui to listen to her baby’s cries.

Throughout the episode Robin was at first appalled by Matt being revealed as her father and then all the more determined to go after his illegal lifestyle. Al the corrupt cop who had more than a whiff of suspicion about him throughout the series was in fact being handsomely paid to provide young girls/boys for rich men to drug and film themselves enjoying. Al didn’t get that house on the lake on his policeman’s salary. His contempt for the teenagers at the cafe had been blatant throughout with public rows if they did not serve the customers in the way he deemed fit. It had all been part of the softening up process. This meant of course that his DNA results could well have been suspect too but according to them Matt was the father of Tui’s baby but not of Johnno. At least that meant incest in only one case but I still thought that Tui was likely to have been made pregnant at one of the orgies and I suspect she was only left alone at the final one because she had just had a baby in the woods and would not be quite the innocent schoolgirl they were looking for. The bottle of drugs on the counter of Al’s kitchen where Tui’s phone was was a bit too convenient really and the overall message of the series seemed to be that all men abuse their power, except for Johnno who is a bit too weak willed to be trusted, and all women are right in their instincts – even when they’re half crazed.

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