Back in Stockholm, Bergman attempts to get his life back in order, with a surprise discovery giving him a new lease of life. He starts to deal with his sexual addiction and tries to get back into work. When the Stockholm CID realise they have a serial killer on their hands, Bergman insists they hire him.

It rapidly emerged that Sebastian’s sex addiction was coming back to haunt him as he had that lightbulb moment of clarity that the victims were all former partners of his. The most recent killing was his most recent pick up – at a self-help group ironically – and the other women were either   long or short term partners.  The murder scenes bore a strong correlation to the murders solved 15 years earlier by Bergman but as the killer was behind bars it was difficult to work out who the copycat was.  Hidden dongles and mobile phones made the original killer’s life easier and his network of support enabled him to eventually break out of prison to engineer the final showdown between himself and Bergman. As he had captured Bergman’s newly discovered daughter, it was a no brainer that Bergman would not wait for backup to storm the latest crime scene. The non diagetic sound helped to build up some very real tension towards the end. Terrific stuff.