A traditional French comedy buddy movie, Untouchable pairs up a multi-millionaire quadriplegic with an ex-con needing to work to get more entitlement to benefits.  At first François Cluzet  and Omar Sy’s relationship is one of helper and victim but it quickly becomes a story of two outsiders who share a love of life in the fast lane and beautiful women. Although the film is based on a true story the casting of Sy is more to do with his good looks and comedic charm than any physical resemblance to the man he portrays.  Liberties are taken with the timeline of events and nationalities of the protagonists but the relationship of the two men remains true.

A story about disability and life on the wrong side of the tracks sounds like something to make you want to knock back the vino and break out the box of tissues but this film est très charmant, drôle et inspirant.  Superbe!