Relations are strained between the living and the dead. The living deeply fear the dead, especially as a newer and more sinister wave of them enters the town.

In the season finale we found out that Victor had been a child 35 years ago when the dam burst and caused multiple deaths. He had been called Louis in those days and played with Serge and his brother Toni who were around the same age group. He also had an older brother. When Julie spotted Toni on top of the dam wall she persuaded him to come down but later in the car when Toni and Victor/Louis were alone in the police car Toni was persuaded that  Serge was in the car with them and that Serge was shooing him to pay him back, The only hands on the gun however were Toni’s so Victor seems able to manipulate reality to get the results he wants. It wasn’t enough for him that Toni had been the one who rescued Julie from his murderous brother in the tunnel years before. Although he has now been alive for decades he seems to have the understanding of a child out to seek revenge. We had another flashback to the final conversation between Victor and his mother when she promised him she would not die and that if she did the fairy would look after him until she returned. The fairy on the cover of his book just happened to resemble Julie, whom he had told previously that she was his fairy.

Camille was disintegrating more and more but Lena told her she was not afraid of her. Frederic also seemed to be still drawn to her although she denied she was Camille – which she might have meant on a deeper level.

Lucy continued to help Simon to try to get both Adele and his daughter. When he broke the news to Adele that she was pregnant with his second child she stabbed him – a condom would have been better perhaps.

Meanwhile at the Helping Hand preparations were being made to survive both lack of food and attack from outside. The approach of a horde of returnees didn’t seem to have altered the mantra that “all are welcome here”. The horde however wanted all the returnees in the Helping Hand to be with them. Some of the living went with the returnees to help them but tellingly none of them were male. The theme of trying to hold on to the dead and abandoning the living may well be what the final message of this series has been.

Disappointingly all the loose ends were not tied up and there will be a new season next year. I only hope they don’t ruin it by turning it into another Lost.


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