Detective Superintendent Kurt Wallander investigates two apparently unrelated deaths, which turn out to be linked to an international cyber-terrorism plot. During the investigation, Wallander discovers that he suffers from diabetes and a mysteriously alluring nurse offers to help him deal with his condition.With Rolf Lassgard, Marie Richardson, Lars Melin, Kerstin Andersson, and Sten Elfstrom.

The themes of this two part story are poverty contrasted with Western wealth. A group of people ranging from an IT expert, a girl who kills the taxi driver who raped her two years previously, a black man travelling under a skimmed identity and a murderous doctor are involved in this attempt to redress the balance. Their rationale is that third world debt should be eradicated and the Western banking system needs to fall in order for this to happen. If people get killed along the way this is justified in the pursuit of the bigger picture.

Against this backdrop Wallander, looking increasingly dissolute, is trying to cope with the news that he has diabetes and needs to alter his lifestyle to accommodate his health. Martinsson wants him to write a letter of recommendation so he can be promoted to Ystad but Kurt is always too distracted by work to get around to it by the deadline.