From the first 60 seconds it seemed as if  I had strayed into the English language version of Les Revenants. Minor key piano playing, water, a duck egg pallete signifying remoteness, mountains, mist, stags under the lake, an unsmiling child and lakeside cabins. That this child, Tui Mitcham,  chose to go into the water step by step rather than be forced into it by a coach crash didn’t lessen the feeling of deja vu especially when her rescuer got off a coach to stop her doing whatever she had intended.

On the South Island of New Zealand, twelve-year-old Tui is pregnant and Detective Robin Griffin is asked to talk to the girl and uncover the truth. Casual sexism from her male colleagues is shown by their “This is going to be painful,” when informed that the child protection expert is female.

Paradise is an area by the lake where women in recovery from odd things like being bitten by pet chimps and abusive marriages live in containers with only a mattress. The new owner JJ is said to be in an alternate mental state. As tale upon tale of woe is told to a recalcitrant Scot, who thought he had an agreement with the former owner,  he tells them they are “boring the tits off me” and they should “have their tea.”.

I think I’m going to like it here.