See that man with the Oyster card and the woolly bonnet? He eats his crisps on the bus and examines his hands remembering the murders he has committed. They cut to the murder scene shows blood dripping down one crystal shard of the chandelier below the murdered husband in the attic and the camera pans to the corpse of the woman we last saw in the closet trying not to breathe and give away her location. She has been made up to resemble the former punk rock teen killed in the previous episode. She will have realised why she has been chosen to be the next victim, given their history. We know the killer and sort of why he has chosen these victims but it still all seems a bit surreal. He takes his phone and looks through the photos he has taken and puts them into a special file – all the while looking like someone we see every day on the bus or the train, which makes it all the more scary – the killer beside us.

Paul Ellis – white, 40 years old – was the man who had visited an insane murderer in the secure unit where he was held and as he was a “fan”, a pilgrim, he became the prime suspect.  Luther chased him away from the facility but lost him in the crowd. Luther, being Luther, climbed on top of a market stall canopy to get an overview while the suspect looked at him from the top deck of the bus he was escaping on. Paul had witnessed his mother being murdered while hiding in the closet and it had warped his view of right and wrong. His housebreaking skills were used to gain entry into the houses of the women he felt the need to kill. He examined every aspect of their life while they were out, creeping into bathrooms and lying in wait for their return. The jarring soundtrack emphasised the horror that was to come. We were sure that the three women in the house were next. They were certainly next in his list but through Luther’s typical willingness to cut corners he arrived in the nick of time.

DCI Ripley was put onto another case by Luther who knew he was working against him. He managed to salvage the destroyed hand of the man who put it into the blender to try and avoid capture so he could look after his wife with MS. There was enough left, apparently to get a matching print. Luther told Ripley to book him. In the denouement Luther found out just how loyal Ripley had been to him all along.


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