Luther returned to investigate a twisted fetishist who was murdering women in the horrific copycat manner of an unsolved case from the 1980s. Women up and down the UK probably screamed in terror at the first scene where a woman makes her way home to the safety of her own house only to awaken to find the murderer poised over her after he crawled out from under her bed.

Luther’s focus was divided when a reluctant Schenk assigned him to another case – a malicious internet tormentor has been found murdered in his home, with all his possessions stripped from the flat. Suspects were numerous as the troll had upset many who would have gladly seen him dead but as the focus shifted to one suspect Luther’s actions allowed for a reasonable doubt verdict for a jury. Luther himself is under investigation by a Scot, DCI Stark, with a very large ax to grind. Luther’s colleague, DCI Ripley, seemed to be helping the other team to gather evidence against him.

Luther literally bumped into Mary Day and charmed her into accepting that he had to drive off and deal with a case but also giving her his number for a bit more than the exchange of insurance details.

The episode closed with more killings so closets and attics were added to the list of places nervous people would have to check out before going to sleep at night in their own houses.


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