Camille is more and more alive, owing to her new identity as Alice, whilst Lena’s scar becomes prominent and weakens her. Julie can no longer hide Victor, and wonders if he may have had something to do with the death of her neighbour.

Victor had been murdered 35 years before. Hiding in a closet he heard a younger accomplice of the man who had murdered his mother(or babysitter) and brother tell him to think about a song from school and to stay quiet. Unfortunately the bodily fluids seeping under the louvered doors gave the game away and he was shot – soon there was a mixing of blood with the urine. Victor’s nightmares and fear of the dark is traced back to this moment and he can’t stay hidden in the bathroom of Julie when the light goes out. His secret now needs to be kept by the police officer as well as the woman he is staying with. Her solution is to take Victor to the Helping Hand until Victor’s family is found – unlikely reunion after 35 years. Victor suddenly realised that  person running the Helping Hand had more to hide than  an affair with Lena’s mother. The woman across the room from him smiles oddly – could she be his real mother? Could she be the returned wife of the man who threw himself off the dam at the start of all this? Victor caused the bus crash years before which killed Camille so it is possible that he thought he might be saving them for the future or is he just a freaky kid, ruined by his murder to feel nothing for anyone else? Why can he sleep but none of the other returnees seem to? Is the former town under the water fast disappearing  from the dam? He’s been back for 7 years but not grown – are the returnees doomed to eternal youth while they remain in their new existence?

Meanwhile Lena’s scar grows to the extent that it resembles a gaping wound. She is in so much pain that she collapses at the foot of the staircase and she is hospitalised. The examining doctor thinks it is a keloid which sometimes forms when someone has an injury which doesn’t heal properly. It turns out that her father Jérôme took her to the doctor a year ago with claims that she fell off a chair, but he is suspected of abuse towards his daughter. She leaves the hospital, going to the Lake Pub to seek out Camille but, as often is the case, her truths make her sound like the crazy one and “Alice” denies all knowledge of her claims.

Simon is hiding in the attic of his former fiancee Adèle but, just as the insatiable appetite for food seems to afflict all the returnees, his desire for sex is all consuming. The police captain Thomas  has installed cameras all over the house and watches his fiancee enjoying sex with Simon. There was a surreal moment when he saw Simon’s face turn into his own. The cameras are discovered and Simon knows he has to leave but in the meantime they spin a story about heaven for the daughter so that she can understand his return. Adèle finds out that Simon did not die accidentally and her own suicide attempts are the excuse used by her fiance for the cameras being installed all over the house.

Ortec vehicles drove past the road blocks making for the dam and it is clear that something the company have done has set this all in motion but we are no closer to finding out what.

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