The Opera/The Catacombs

Crime drama series set in Paris. In this feature-length series finale, Jo must investigate two shocking cases: a middle-aged man stabbed to death on the steps of the Palais Garnier, and a young woman found slaughtered in the Catacombs.
Death catches us unawares. We always think we’ll have time to make our plans, cover our tracks and prepare the way for our relatives. That affair,  unpaid bill, unwritten will – the best paid plans gang aft agley. This season finale was an extended episode with two apparently unconnected killings of an ex-Sorbonne lecturer who had had 40 bisexual affairs with students over 6 years while playing the perfect husband and father at home – all condoned by his wife who realised that his predilections would come out after all.
Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the use of insecticide were themes which ran through the episode. Add to the mix a girlfriend who was obsessed with the genius of her boyfriend who had spent years on a thesis which had no words in it. A life of genius which came up empty as his girlfriend toiled in kitchens to fund the life he didn’t want any more. The symbolism of her attempted murder of her boyfriend while he lay in the bath would not have been lost on a French audience used to the painting  Marat Assassiné even draping his head in cloth.
Jo’s former friend Charlie continued to be his bete noir and despite being under investigation by internal affairs and losing the trust of his daughter he went where angels feared to tread. He was just lucky that his partner came to his aid when he was outnumbered.