At Place des Vosges, a stone’s throw from Victor Hugo’s apartment, a young woman is found dead from a blunt-force head wound. Jo deducts the murder was not premeditated, but more likely a crime of passion.

The plot centred on a Jewish artifact which was being sold discretely by a family who  held a Hanuka lamp made of gold which had come into their possession during the second world war. Selling the lamp openly would have brought shame on the family who had the cachet of having a resistance fighter in their family tree so they were using an obscure antique expert with debts. She saw the chance to get rich by selling the lamp more openly to someone who believed the lamp was connected to his past.

Although the war has ramifications through the generations for the UK and US, it is hard to imagine the shame involved of being related to collaborators or people connected to the death camp slaughters.

It was an interesting episode.