Simon approaches Adele, but Thomas finds out about his ‘return’. Camille is unable to fit back into life with her family again. Her mother Claire is in a relationship with Pierre, an odd but charismatic figure who knew all along that the dead would return. Strange happenings seem to suggest that Camille and Simon may not be the only ones to have been brought back to life.

We all mourn our dead. We wish we had them back just as they were. We keep their possessions to remind us and their photos on display or in albums. Over time we pick up the pieces of our own lives: we marry; have children; move on. Imagine though if into this new life we had moved on to our loved ones came back – just as they had been physically but there was something just a little bit off. They don’t know they are dead, they are so hungry they want food and drink a any cost, their money is almost worthless and their loved ones look at them with horror.

This is the scenario explored by  Les Revenants. The ten year old who returns to see her twin is now twenty and screams at her touch, the fiance who returns to his bride to find he has a ten year old daughter and his bride is about to marry the police chief, the murderer who returns to find out that his brother hates him and his mother is dead but his killing sprees go on in the underpass, even when the girl survives despite normally fatal wounds. Add in to the mix a scary little boy who knows he can’t be killed who foists himself on a nervous single woman, dogs which return and want to savage their former owners (unless it was a wolf), a reservoir whose levels are noticeably falling each day and secrets and lies being told by those to whom they have returned and you have an intriguing series. I hope they don’t mess it up in an effort to make it last longer than it can be sustained like Lost. Again, I think I’ll stick with it for now.