So, now that you’ve tried the 5:2 diet the next big fad is the 5:2 lifestyle. This means 5 days of excess and fun each week with 2 very simple days they say. 5 days of television, alcohol, going out, checking e-mails, surfing, texting… well you get the idea. So what would those 2 simplified days look like?

No mobiles, no television, no laptops or tablets, no cinema, no drinkypoos – added to which you would be on your restricted calorie diet perhaps. In short it would be like the 70s during the strikes with the possibility of hot running water at least. I can  imagine that it might be quite restful to get away from the constant checking of the phone and instead concentrating on the person in the room with you or lapbook. Imagine – real conversation, eye to eye contact, doing jobs that need done around the home and garden, going out for walks in the fresh air. Cleansing body, mind and spirit – I can see the appeal.

The question however is, as always, will it enhance my life? I remain unconvinced.