A Unit’ discovers a link between the shooting of an illegal African immigrant, bodies found in a marsh in Varmland and an apparent suicide. Kerstin Holm tries to track down missing police officer Dag Lundmark on her own. Suddenly she realises that he has come across a terrible secret and is just waiting for her to find him.

As the invesitgations merged and the bodies racked up,  the link turned out to be pharmaceutical rather than ideological, an unscrupulous researcher prepared to use the negative effects of one drug on alcoholics to his own advantage in order to protect the commercial interests of a new drug which had cost a fortune to get to the stage of trials.

Kerstin’s wedding ring was there to remind her not of her former boyfriend but her past which was rapidly overtaking  the investigation as she went off on her own to try and resolve things without informing the team what she knew. Her path repeatedly crisscrossed with A-Team  and each part of the investigation seemed to be stalling due to the actions of the other.

When Kerstin’s misery became too much to bear our friendly neighbourhood angelic cleaner arrived to gently remove the ring by magic and his words of comfort of course also contained the clue she needed to resolve the case even if it meant putting herself in danger. He appears to each in their time of need resolving problems with a word or an inflated balloon or loosening an impossibly tight ring. Guardian angel?

Sub plots included marrying in haste only to find out that your life plans are quite different to your new partner and the lengths to which someone will go in order to save their own child.

So will Kerstin remain with the team? Is this why Chavez’s wife has joined, as a replacement? Next week will tell.