When an illegal African immigrant is shot and killed by police, Kerstin Holm is assigned the task of interviewing the police officer. He happens to be her ex-boyfriend Dag Lundmark, who then disappears without a trace during the investigation. A burglar breaks into an apartment where he finds a body with a suicide note next to it. The letter leads to the discovery of two more bodies in a marsh in Varmland.

“Many waters cannot quench love…” from the Song of Solomon

The episode began with a “birdwatcher” looking at a child through a window early enough in the morning for it still to be dark. He was allowed in to the house by presumably the child’s mother. This scene was juxtaposed with the wedding of Sara and Chavez and we get to see the A Team in a social situation before getting in to the investigation itself. Sara is going to be joining the team leaving  Kerstin as the lone single female of the team and although Gunnar is similarly single it is clear that this suits him more than it suits Kerstin.

Kerstin and Hjelm are teamed up to investigate an apparent shooting of an illegal immigrant by a former fiance of Kerstin’s who had just returned to duty from a period of recovery from alcoholism. What seems cut and dried from the outset, becomes increasingly murky as it is slowly revealed that the biblical verse used by Dag Lundmark at the end of his first interview with Holm and Hjelm has more of a significance than just an expression of regret that love went sour.