A Swedish family was on a road trip in Holland when their car was blown apart in a violent explosion. The man, woman and young child were killed instantly. The case was immediately handed over to A Unit to investigate. The man who was blown up was a police officer working undercover at a restaurant belonging to celebrity chef David Billinger. Billinger, a celebrity restaurateur darling of the tabloid press was suspected of involvement in drugs trafficking.

Time had moved on  since we last saw the A-Team. Kerstin Holm’s lover had succumbed to his cancer and the episode opened for the team at his funeral. The team is dispersed and has been for about nine months. One, Gunnar Nyberg, is working with the child pornography unit, another- Viggo Norlander – has found out that his one night stand has resulted in a baby named Charlotte and those at the top of the police continue to overlook A-team’s boss when it comes to the available promotions.

Billinger’s former lover was in the journalist’s car which exploded in Amsterdam. Possible reasons for the explosion are that the journalist has annoyed many people with some of her articles but she is in Thailand and had lent her car to a friend and her daughter for the Dutch holiday. The male driver turns out to be an undercover cop who has been working at Billinger’s restaurant Goose which is suspected of being involved in cocaine deals in a seedy underworld. Billinger’s brother seems to be a user rather than a dealer and has already had 3 heart attacks but is still scooping the white stuff up his nostrils when he has the chance. Hjelm’s wife Cilla invites his Chilean colleague Chavez over for dinner and he, in turn invites Holm to be his date for the night to cheer her up. Cilla knocks the drink back like she knows Holm and Hjelm have had an affair and the tension sends Holm up to the bathroom, Chavez to the basement to play a game with Hjelm’s son and Hjelm goes down to the basement leaving Cilla alone with her wine – no good deed goes unpunished.

Later, Chavez has a coup de foudre when he meets Sara Svenhagen from the child pornography unit at a police party. He can’t let go her hand despite the stares and they end up the last to leave. Will their passion survive this story’s end?

The episode also had a sub plot about an inside job robbery at the Goose which meant Billinger could not make his 3 million kroner payment for a Miro painting to a gang of thugs – or was it really a payment for the explosion at the start of the episode because in a perfect story arc the episode ended with another explosion – this time most definitely caused by the thugs using a remote control to bomb the Goose, just after Holm and Hjelm had gone inside to continue their inquiries and Billinger had left by the back door.

And what of the cleaner? Well as the team has been away, where has he been working? He turned up on a park bench sitting beside Viggo Norlander’s, by now, burst balloon for Charlotte was magically re-inflated after the cleaner walked away. Oddness.