The sub-theme of sons choosing to go in the opposite direction of their fathers was explored in the second part of this Arne Dahl tale. Gunnar Nyberg hummed and hawed about contacting his son after all his years of estrangement until he realised that the Kentucky Killer, a CIA operative living with a new identity, had killed his own son without knowing who he was or why he happened to be in the same room as him. Gunnar’s son was delighted to see him and he  was introduced to his grandson also named Gunnar. The joy on the whole family’s faces was a joy after such a grim episode. HIs son had managed to have the happy family life that Gunnar had never managed to have himself.

The Kentucky Killer’s son had travelled to Sweden to find and kill his own father after finding a letter that proved he was still alive and had willingly turned his back on family life in order to torture America’s enemies worldwide.

Paul Hjelm found a way to reconnect with his own son through football and keeping a secret from his wife. His son had turned from his ever-absent father by trying to get involved in drug dealing until his father’s latest investigation ended up making it clear to Hjelm how far his son was becoming caught up in a life far removed from what Paul would have wanted for him.

Kerstin Holm’s new found happiness seemed to be about to be cruelly snatched away from her towards the end of the episode although she didn’t know if it would be in days, weeks or months.

The cleaner made a last minute appearance towards the end of the episode and we were reminded that he was “Persian” and not Iranian. There must be more to come.