An American serial killer is on board a plane from New York to Stockholm. Without a proper identification and with great urgency, ‘A Unit’ try to locate him before Sweden inadvertently imports a killer whose methods are bloodthirsty and can be traced back to the Vietnam War. After the killer enters Sweden he soon begins his killing spree. ‘A Unit’ work in collaboration with the FBI in a desperate attempt to catch him.

I was way off for the first story but it seems that the son of the first serial killer, like Christ, is willing to sacrifice himself to draw attention to his father. Presumably the father was the one who carried out two murders before he was killed. The subsequent two killings were done by someone else who either knew him or wanted to use the M.O. to draw attention away from the original killer. The son then restarts the campaign once he is in his thirties. Either that or  it is an M.O. used by the CIA from time to time when there’s a need to get rid of someone.

The killings seem random at first but are all appearing to come together now.

The A Unit personnel back stories are gaining in importance, not just because they fill out the characters and make them human, but also because they provide distraction or some sort of influence on the work carried out by the Unit.

The cleaner/caretaker now seems to be a Persian mystic? I still think it odd that he appears when he thinks no-one or only one investigator will be there. Tonight’s oddness was that he seemed to have disappeared only to reemerge a moment later. For a cleaner, he does very little actual cleaning. Again the odd mix of jazz and church music was included diagetically and non-diagetically. There was much more use of English in this episode too as one of the characters had to go to New York – although why did she, in this day and age?