Thankfully the eccentric cleaner turned out to be a red herring, unless this is an ongoing thread in the other books. At one point I began to think that the cleaner was a figment of the imagination of one of the detectives as he seemed to be the only one who ever saw him

The 2 part series did something I don’t like which is not have the guilty party appearing at all in part one and then pointing towards him more intensely in part two. It turned out that the original idea of a personal vendetta was correct and a link with foreign Mafia gangs was another red herring. It fits in with the whole idea that immigration is not something to be as fearful of as Swedes, Danes and dare I say it, ourselves seem to be. One thing these Nordic plots have in common is  fear of difference – usually in the shape of the foreigner – who turns out to be perhaps dangerous/untrustworthy but not the one guilty of the case under investigation.

In the original book the Misterioso tape is a bootleg one and that goes some way to explain why it is so rare. I didn’t think the idea of its rarity worked quite so well with the updating to the time of CDs where people blithely share any media product with their friends. I also wondered why the detective didn’t use it as part of his conversation with the murderer who was saying he wouldn’t understand why his rare darts were important to him.

I’m sure the books are better but this was a good enough way to spend a Sunday morning.