So, the three spectres of Miss Apprehension, Miss Representation and Miss Information came once again to the Daily Mail feast.

That hate-filled, celebrity-worshipping panderer

to all that is xenophobic, unaccepting of difference and the last bastion of Tory “morals”.

Championing a £5 million rise to royalty on the same day that

savage cuts come into force for dodgers and divers,

scroungers and skivers.

But – Hold the front page! –

to draw parallels between one tragically flawed family

and the state of welfare?

To extrapolate that this sick mind was due to

a sick society where

a safety net equals inevitable death.

The Daily Mail published and I damned.

For these children did not die because of the Welfare State

Their feckless, violent, drug taking, controlling, criminal father

may well have milked a system,

engaged in bizarre depravity with a variety of willing

and not-so-willing women

but they are not typical of people who need that helping handout.

Those who need tax-payer-funded benefits are not all in “this” together.