Rodi said that 30 grand for 5 kg of explosives was the going rate for a backstreet deal for Riffaut’s revolution.  Riffaut was not Laure’s primary target however – she thought she had enough time to pick him up later. Demba Koliba’s DNA had been found at the crime scene and it was more urgent to find him at Building 8 and bring him in for questioning, Koliba was not willing to come in quietly as he knew the “stolen bike” reason given was a ruse when he saw Laure. Taking suspects in for questioning in some areas of Paris is obviously very difficult for the police as gang members came to his aid and smashed police cars in a very threatening manner. Tintin changed from being afraid to being out of control with anger and took all his frustrations out on Koliba until Laure grabbed him by the face and asked if he could hear her.

Rodi was sufficiently scared to run back to Layla and his brothers after the arrest but refused to go back to Turkey to fight for Kurdish freedom. In the ensuing battle Layla died while shouting at her sons that that was enough.

Koliba threw up during questioning and it was obvious that he probably had a concussion so an ambulance had to be called. Tintin had to tell Laure that he had hidden in the quarry so hadn’t seen anything and that he had no idea why he had reacted the way he had with Koliba as he had no memory of him.

Rodi meanwhile was out of control. Ignoring advice to respect his older brother, he drove off determined to cut his own deal with the PKK weapons.

Josephine still didn’t quite get why Pierre and she were no longer a partnership and her attention to the original immigration case wasn’t entirely focused. She looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and continued to text instead of preparing her legal arguments and then knocked over her stack of papers. Although for her the adjournment was no big deal the likelihood that the illegal immigrants would be rounded up and deported was significant. “Je suis desole” didn’t quite cut it.

Roban was offered the chance to join the freemasons which would have given him the security of the brotherhood but he preferred to go it alone, with a little help from Marianne and the secretarial pool.

Jorkal and Pierre’s scene in the cage fight arena was very well lit with menacing shadows and foreshadowing of events to come. I was sure it was going to be Pierre who was killed and breathed a sigh of relief when his car did not explode as he turned the key.

Laure was awoken from sleep to follow and arrest Rodi and Omar. Lies tripped easily off her tongue as she went from lover to lover. Money was exchanged for explosives and Thomas Riffaut was almost clear away when the police swooped but cars are no competition in a race with a motorbike that can change direction and avoid conveniently placed cars blocking pathways.

Episode 12

CID working closely with counter terrorism wasn’t likely and Sami was given the green light to get Riffaut quickly by his promotion seeking boss, Herville.

Rodi took the blame for the guns business, saying his brothers were innocent. His brothers however were arrested in any case as they were not just sellers of Turkish Delight. They threatened to kill Rodi.

Laure continued to deny Sami the answer he was hoping for. Tintin popped painkillers like they were breath mints. Known squats were searched in the hunt for Thomas and it became obvious that Herville was doing all he could to stymie counter terrorism. Thomas meanwhile altered his image just enough and obtained false documents which made him look like a police officer. Assembling all the paraphernalia to make the bomb from Semtex seemed remarkably easy. As soon as he turned on his mobile, even although only for a few seconds les flics worked out that he had been near the transmitter on rue Gassendi near Montparnasse cemetery. Luckily, les flics managed to spot Thomas’ friend on rue Civelle and got into position to arrest him, search him and try to work out which hotel Thomas was in. It all went horribly wrong though due to Herville’s refusal to call in back up. Tintin saved Gilou, who threatened to snog him with gratitude.

Josephine came back to rectify her foul up and had enough background information to get regularisation for the illegal employees.

Thomas lacked the courage to go the final step when it was just he and Sophie left but Sophie was determined that she would succeed with our without him. He melted away into the crowd and Sophie in her distress called the mobile that would cause the Semtex to explode. Tintin seemed to be okay, Sami not so much.