Berthault and her team are frustrated by new custody laws which ensure the presence of a lawyer during interviews. Gilou is given three days to ensure that the Sarahoui’s late licence is approved and Roban is warned that Garnier is using underhand tactics to smear him. Meanwhile, Karlsson is pressured by the Special Branch to provide information on the activities of Thomas Riffaut and his gang.

When the police raid the Sarahoui’s flat, Gilou takes the opportunity to break into their nightclub and retrieve incriminating evidence against him. Yussuf cracks under pressure and provides the team with the names of a Kurdish family behind weapons found at Cetin’s house. Karlsson turns the tables on her Special Branch investigators and Judge Roban manages to make even more enemies within the ‘system’.

This double episode was all about betrayals and loyalty in the face of adversity.

First we had les flics loyalty with Amina aiding and abetting Gilou to cover up his errors of judgement. A rather quick move to the dark side. Perhaps she had seen what had happened to PJ when he tried to tell the truth even when it meant a colleague would go down for it. On the other  hand she may have wanted to help him because she will want a major favour in return.

Laure was thrown by the arrival of Sami, a former lover, who had left without a word when moved to a new job. His ability to speak Arabic wouldn’t be that much of a help in a case involving Kurdish Turks. Apart from the worry that he might be there to take over her job Laure had to hold herself together while he tried to convince her he had returned to see her again. Don’t do it Laure! You have a partner who loves you and his two teenage daughters seem to look up to you even if you do give shooting lessons as birthday  presents and turn up late to light the candles.

Family loyalties were strained in the relationship of Jorkal and his nephew who had confessed to a lesser crime in order to let his more criminal partners take the fall for their failed robbery. Jorkal would have rather he took his imprisonment like a man and treated it like “army training”. Pierre really seemed to have gone over to the dark side and cleverly used the president judge’s misuse of a word which directed the jury towards Brandon’s guilt to get his client off with time served. Jorkal was so pleased he was going to get all his partners to change lawyers.

Joséphine Karlsson’s inexplicable loyalty to Thomas Riffaut meant she warned him that the Secret Police were about to arrest him for his latest left wing act. The planned abduction was called off at the last minute and Riffaut wanted to show his gratitude by having sex with Joséphine. She told him she wasn’t worth it – and yet could have used any other excuse such as being involved with Pierre. Puzzling.

Sophie was sexually assaulted by the random English phrase speaking Greek who reneged on his offer to let her go on the abduction. After the job was blown she became the fall girl and Riffuat threw her out with verbal abuse ringing in her ears. What else could she do but go to Joséphine and rage at her for spoiling everything? Err, well she could have woken up and realised what a user and abuser Riffaut is.

The interrogations both in front of the required lawyers and behind the scenes were interesting. Manipulation by threats and promises seemed to get the desired result and Yussuf finally told them about who the arms were really owned by. It was odd to see Laure being both good and bad cop in that little scenario, threatening and comforting by turns.

Layla and her gun running sons are now the focus for the investigation. The AK47 sale in a quarry served to show just how damaged Tintin is, if there was any doubt after his throwing up before a job and having mysterious car trouble. He’s obviously come back too soon and is suffering from PTSD.

And finally Judge François Roban sailed further and further in to the storm apparently enjoying being under investigation and even showing his accuser where the paper work was substandard. Roban’s secretary was moved to another department and when he met her for coffee afterwards she felt able to finally tell him something about her previous boss which might just have been useful to know sooner.