The self-immolated Kurd was finally given his autopsy and had died of a heart attack as is normal for death by fire but well hidden in his anus was a SIM card of evidence photos of a weapons cache that proved that a terrorist plot was underway. How long had he had this evidence that would have almost guaranteed his safety if only he had given it to the authorities? Was his fear of the police due to being an Iraqi Kurd or due to how badly treated he had been in Paris? No matter, Herville could smell success, even if it came in a condom which had been in the Kurd’s anus! Furthermore, why aren’t Special Branch and Laure’s unit sharing information? They seem to be chasing the same story and yet not joining up the pieces?

Karlsson’s hatred of the police was touchingly explained in a conversation with Pierre on a balcony. Their relationship, far from being a mistake the night before, seemed to develop from that point on. Or, has Pierre always been in love with Joséphine and I just didn’t spot it earlier? That makes the garden fumble last week even more strange then as he didn’t look like a man who was enjoying himself. Pierre quite rightly doesn’t trust Joséphine and asked Laure to check a licence plate for him. She eventually found out that it was Special Branch who had visited Joséphine which proved to him that he had been lied to. Of course his own client had lied to him as well and he had almost died as a result. At the end of the double episode it appeared that Pierre had gone over to the dark side, I suspect it is all bluff and bluster though as he tries to extricate himself from what he knows will be a dangerous lawyer/client relationship with Jorkel. Joséphine apparently capitulating to Special Branch and feeding them lines fed to her by Thomas didn’t ring quite true either. She owes him nothing and yet is risking everything? Oddness. If she was so eager to give them Sophie, she could just as easily fed them Thomas. At least she hasn’t slept with him, yet. And one really jarring moment was the switch to English by the Greek apropos of nothing.

Judge Roban continued to investigate the case against his colleague Garnier and found enough evidence to release the convicted sex offender, despite the protestations of one of the victims who later on committed suicide almost simultaneously with Roban’s press meeting to explain his decision.

Gilou got in deeper with the sinister Egyptian brothers as he tried to get his own stolen gun back and prove that he was not the one who had taken money and not delivered on a promise to extend the licence for the club they run. Fixing a licence would have been a lesser crime than what he is up to now in all his dissembling and cover ups.

Tintin wasn’t dead after all  but after he came out of his coma he was obviously traumatised by the thought that he had come within a hairsbreadth. Champagne and barbecue wasn’t quite the answer. Gilou’s desire to get access to his unregistered weapon seemed to prevent him having the manly bearhug that would possibly have helped.