Inspired by the Josef Fritzl case this novel is written from the perspective of a five year old boy who is supposed to be highly intelligent but because of his circumstances totally confused about what is real and what is only in TV. My main beef with any novel which purports to be written by a child or someone of limited understanding is that this voice is difficult to sustain throughout the novel while letting the reader know what is actually going on. Very few writers manage the authentic unreliable witness’s voice without having an occasional narration from someone else. However, that aside, this was a novel which I actually read in my old quick timescale as for once, recently, I wanted to turn that page to find out what happened. The best bits of the novel are when the child is in the room and at the end. There is a section which although necessary, was less successful in my opinion because the child is suddenly describing things with a narration style which did not ring true. 7/10 stars.