Berthaud and her team visited the scene of the immolation of a Kurdish detainee and spotted Sophie Mazeret amongst the demonstrators outside the centre. Sophie escaped, but they arrested Vasseur and suspected his involvement with the terrorists. Josephine Karlsson was asked to warn the squat of an imminent police raid. Pierre Clement was pleased to learn that Judge Roban had returned to the courthouse and asked his advice when testimony against Berthaud lead her to ask for his professional representation.

Berthaud and her team staked out the Turkish restaurant that the Kurdish suicide victim was known to frequent, and uncovered what appears to be an organised work crew of illegal immigrants. Judge Roban uncovered more inconsistency in the investigative procedure in the case of a senior colleague. Josephine Karlsson invited Clement to her sister’s wedding where she had a major confrontation with a family member.

So what we found out tonight was that Laure’s team member Gilou is loyal to the point of threatening the whistleblower in the toilet but had enough self interest to listen to the new boss when feted with sweet words like “leader”. Everyone has a price. Tintin’s bloody pool around his body in the second episode looked rather final.

Roban used his more lowly position as a returning judge to look into a case of a newly promoted colleague (judge to president) and the inconsistencies in the¬†testimony warranted further investigation. Mobile phone records backed up a convicted rapist on hunger strike’s claim to have been elsewhere at the time of the crime and although he might have lent his phone to someone else, it needed to be looked at more closely.

Clement, well he’s just gorgeous isn’t he? I’d invite him to any wedding I was attending! His good deed in accompanying Karlsson was rewarded with finding out more about Karlsson than he might have wished – an abusive father that she hated – but it ended in a rather satisfactory grope, for her at least.

Sophie went deeper into her radical life, sleeping with the enemy, exchanging wads of cash for an ID badge which I mistook for a credit card and then taking the rest of the group to set fire to the computer server which would eradicate the records of thousands of illegal immigrants. Freakishly, the time on the clock in the building about to be set on fire matched the time on our clocks at home.

Vasseur was clearly shocked by the bomb which had killed Hugo when confronted with the images but he refused to help the police and was rewarded for his silence by being kicked to the ground by ever-crazy Thomas when he had the temerity to question what was going on. The group that Sophie belongs to are ruthless and loyal only to the cause – whatever that is.