Birgitte’s government prepared to present a new welfare reform package called A Common Future, which was being polished at a political seminar. Birgitte’s priority was schools and education but a saving of billions was needed which was going to be funded by a phasing out of early retirement. Marrot stymied the seminar by saying that this aspect of cost cutting would be too difficult for the unions to bear and that further discussion was needed between the Labour party and the unions. Nyborg had to  then hold a 20 minute Q&A with the press where she said nothing at all of any importance.

But there was unrest in the Labour Party when their leader Bjorn Marrot came under personal attack in the media. It seemed to be a night of the long knives and it was difficult to work out who exactly had decided to sacrifice Marrot and for what reasons. Birgitte sensed a rebellion brewing and it seemed that Hoxenhaven her enemy from the previous series was the snake in the grass. Meanwhile, the pressure grew on the home front when Phillip announced he has a new girlfriend who was everything on the domestic front that Birgitte was not. So, what to do? Fill the house with flowers and candles and look cosy when Phillip came to pick up the children. It all fell to naught of course when Birgitte first met the paediatrician girlfriend with dripping hair and a blocked drain. This indignity was further compounded when the new girlfriend just walked in to the house with Max to look at his bedroom at his request – if any girlfriend did this the wife would have her guts for garters. Birgitte however handled it with understated aplomb masking her true feelings like the consummate politician that she was.

Katrine coversd the political seminar for Express, whose editor, Laugesen, had his own unsavoury agenda. The beach hotel made Denmark look wonderful with views to die for. Laugesen seemed to be using his usual dirty tricks to pick off the cabinet one by one. Hoxenhaven played into his hands by having sex with a young boy from an escort agency who was pretending to be a trainee photographer who didn’t know one end of the camera from the other but certainly knew his way around male bodies.

Katrine and Kasper slept together as we all knew they would and then repeated their error of judgement the next morning back in Copenhagen. Kasper wanted to be with Katrine but she made it clear they never could be because of his secrets and lies so he cut her out to preserve the relationship he had. Katrine resigned from her job at Express when she was asked to write up the expose of Hoxenhaven because she managed to work out, with Hanne, how the photos of Hoxenhaven’s prediliction being fulfilled had been obtained in the first place.

When pirates hijacked a Danish ship off the coast of Somalia, Birgitte’s coalition partner Hoxenhaven diverted attention from her when she so badly needed a success story. Hoxenhaven was playing the media like a future prime minister needed to but was personally destroyed by the existence of the photos being about to be published and despite Birgitte’s chat about how he could turn this round to his advantage chose to end his life rather than stay and fight as he was trying to save his family from disgrace.

Brigitte’s private life hung in tatters and she made a mistake that threatened her career. Getting drunk on Bombay Sapphire and sleeping with the help is never a good idea, no matter how quickly he could plumb the depths. Now Laugesen has something over her to be used in the future.

Loved the beach location this week and not much English for a change.