The episode will open where episode 10 left off with Carrie entering the building alone to try to find Abu Nazir, without waiting for back up.

It was like watching Lund all over again, a female protagonist entering a darkened building alone with no plan other than to catch the bad guy, except that Carrie was unarmed and unbelievably clumsy knocking over something which fell over with a clanging sound. She opened a door and was blinded by a range of police and FBI car lights flashing – how on Earth did they get there so quickly? Quinn started to question Carrie in ways that made her story sound unlikely despite the bruising round her neck. There was no sign of Abu Nazir and Carrie concluded that he must have had some back up from an insider. It came down to questioning the loyalty of either Quinn or Galvez. Galvez was Muslim of course and had left the confines of the security cordon in his car so he looked guilty in Carrie’s eyes but his car was clean and  his cover story was that his sister had been taken to hospital.

Brody told Jess that the VP had died of a heart attack and just as he was about to tell her more Carrie called on his mobile to give him an update on Abu Nazir’s escape. Jess did not look happy and she walked away from him towards the bedroom. I wonder how long they will be allowed to stay in the safe house now that Brody is unlikely to be running for a higher political office? Dana was very angry and asked why they were still in the safe house and said that Brody should go live with “that crazy woman” as Mike was a better father than Brody had ever managed to be.

Saul was hooked up to a lie detector test that Estes had arranged on a pretext to get him out of the way. Saul was asked questions about Aileen Morgan and who had provided the weapon that led to her death. Saul was justifiably angry and suggested alternative questions which would be more appropriate. The man doing the lie detector knew from the results that Saul believed it to be true that there was an assassination plot to kill an American Congressman but he left that bit out of his report. Estes made it clear to Saul that he wanted him gone for his insubordination and would tie him up in hearing after hearing if necessary for the rest of his natural life if he did not choose to quit now.

There was a scene of Carrie washing the blood away from her earlier imprisonment – that must have been difficult to film as after all it wasn’t real blood. And, she must be some kind of superwoman to be able to do all that followed without any sleep after her ordeal.

Roya was questioned by Carrie, or at least that was what she was meant to be doing but it was something of a rant as she used her monologue to work out what had actually been about to take place at the airbase homecoming. She pleaded to her humanity, to that bit that was secretly pleased that she had been caught before people were killed. She spoke about Abu Nazir’s only answer being perpetual war and that that answer never brought back loved ones. Roya called her an idiot whore before degenerating into her own rant in Arabic about what she and her family had lost. Carrie translated one of the bits of Arabic to mean “Nazir wouldn’t run”. and she interpreted this literally so went back to the tunnels to have one last look. She and a helpful FBI man found a secret room where Abu Nazir had been hiding. Helpful FBI man was not long for this world. Abu Nazir was after Carrie who was suddenly attacked just as the cavalry arrived. Abu Nazir was captured but moved to die in a hail of bullets rather than stay still and be taken alive. Estes congratulated Carrie and told her what a big day it was and how she must be very happy that her sixth sense had been right.

Estes and Quinn were of course plotting to move the Brody family back into their own house so that Brody could be killed, despite the need for soundbites for media outlets about Abu Nazir’s death.

Brody wept when told of Abu Nazir’s death and then he fixed a smile on his face when told they could all go home. When they arrived at the house Brody told Jess he couldn’t go inside. Both of them were tired of fighting and she reminded him of their sixteen year old selves and asked if it was Mike that had spoiled things but they had both tried to salvage something that was lost forever. He had changed too much to ever be the husband she knew. He tried to tell her the truth but she was no longer able to hear it. Jess pointed out that Carrie must love him if she knew everything about him but still accepted it. Brody and Carrie were reunited at her house, while Quinn sat outside in his vehicle awaiting his moment.