Saul talked with Dar Adal  at a local diner. They had an inconsequential conversation about things meaning more as we get older and not knowing who the enemy was now the rules and the enemy had changed. Quinn was said to be one of Dar Adal’s. Estes probably didn’t trust Saul, who had always been afraid to get his hands dirty.

At the safe-house, Jessica  and Mike talked about sleeping together the previous night. She “loved last night” and didn’t seem remorseful to me, not even when Brody returned. Mike knew when it was time to leave but moody Dana gave a tight lipped welcome to her dad. Both children had a “book report” to write, despite being in different grades. There were awkward silences as Brody and Jess talked about their future and Carrie of course entered the conversation, literally when she phoned to reassure him that they could all go home soon.

Carrie scrolled through radio stations while she drove to find the kind of jazz we associate with her character and as she eased into the song her car was hit side on and the screen faded to black – and an ad break.

Estes congratulated the team on what they had achieved to date but reminded them that until Nazir was caught, they were not finished. Saul tackled Estes about why Quinn would still be around and asked how far Walden and Estes would be prepared to go to cover up mistakes like the drone strike. Estes told Quinn “he knows”.

Finn wanted to see Dana but Brody took a call which showed that Carrie was held by Nazir who  had taken her following the “accident”. What Nazir wanted was the number of Walden’s pacemaker so that he could be wirelessly killed. That would be the only thing that would save Carrie. (Err, wirelessly deactivating the Vice President? Is that even possible?)

Carrie struggled to remove the ties that bound her to the pipework but was caught by Nazir who gave her another for good measure.

Finn told Dana that he woke up every morning and for a few brief seconds he forgot what he had done and then he remembered the sound of that woman hitting the windshield, killing another human being and never being able to take it back. Dana was disgusted by the paying off that was inevitable and she told him that their fledgling relationship had been killed in the same way that they had killed that woman. (Still with the they? He was driving.)

While Carrie and Nazir got into a heated debate of ethics, Nazir used his usual lot of pain followed by a little love to try and manipulate Carrie. He told her he loved Brody too but was prepared to die without leaving the US in order to achieve his aims. He considered himself a soldier, while she considered him a terrorist but the story of the drone strike resurfaced to call into question who the terrorists actually were. Carrie questioned how religion was falsely used to turn the young into bombers but Nazir countered that they would fight for centuries to achieve their aims.

Brody went to the Naval Observatory to find that Walden was in a meeting with an ambassador. This of course suited his plans because it allowed him to look around for what he needed while he pretended to look for the toilet. He ended up in a library rummaging through in trays, drawers and behind books. He found the pacemaker serial number – how convenient. There was a stand off between Brody and Nazir about who would blink first – swearing on Isa’s immortal soul seemed to be the key – and Brody sent a number which he said was Walden’s. Why not just take a photo as proof?

Brody withdrew his name for consideration for VP and Walden refused to accept that but just at that point Walden started to feel the symptoms of a heart attack as the signal to the pacemaker kicked in. Walden flatlined and Brody told him he was killing him right before the end.

Carrie stood by the edge of the road waiting to be picked up but thought better of it and went back to where she had been held captive – very Sarah Lund. With no back up and only moonlight illuminating her blond hair, she entered the lair…

Points to consider:

Estes, Quinn and Walden are all in cahoots and Saul is outside that loop but Carrie’s sidekick now seems reliable.

Finn knows that daddy will protect him no matter what he does – it’s surprising how normal he is under the circumstances.

Brody seems ready to walk away from a life in politics, but it is likely that Jess will leave him if he does.

Brody’s whole life has been reactive to circumstances rather than proactive since he came back to the US.