So, am I the only one who watches the catch up minute at the start and thinks – “Did that happen?” or is it just me?

There was the usual running around in the dark relived by torchlight in these two episodes.  Lund and Borch were locked into the place where the earlier murder of Louise had occurred and exhaust fumes were being fed into the ventilation shaft – so far so predictable. Borch climbed out  and had to leave our heroine behind as she was too weak to climb up – what Lund playing the weak woman card? That’s a first! Of course at that point I was sure that Borch was a gonner – but no, Lund found a way to get out through the watery basement and arrived like some Kelpie dripping, gun in hand, to avenge the beating Borch had taken at the hand of the skurk. She shot the baddie and didn’t miss and he limped off into the dark bleeding from his gut.

Maja was proven right that Emile might not be dead as the body bag contained no body – did we imagine blond hair last week then when Brix turned all forensic on us at the end of episode 6? There was a lot of confusion about an “in-between room” from Robert and Maja’s son which turned out to be the loft? Hidden in the loft was a secret iPad given to Emilie by the cat man so they could communicate in secret while he garnered details about her life and the life of her parents. In this episode Maja’s boyfriend was slowly edged out of the picture by the need to be a united front looking for their daughter, but perhaps that played into his hands as he had other plans?

Ussing began to look more and more unpleasant and less and less guilty throughout these episodes – too bad as I’d have liked him to be guilty.

Borch’s wife turned up to tell Lund that he was in love with someone from his past and Sarah took the opportunity later to tell him that he shouldn’t spoil the relationship he had with his wife and children – oh Sarah, selfless to the last.

Image for Episode 7

As Ussing began to look vindicated, the PM and his brother had questions to answer, as had Karen who apparently had been liaising with Zeeland behind the PMs back, but which bit of Zeeland? The official bit or the unofficial bit? Zeeland took its responsibility to the poor seriously, and had sponsored orphans in private orphanages which seems to have been what led to the first murder. Mirrors also played their part in helping the Louise’s father to work out the real licence plate number that he was looking for and it didn’t take long for the sacked Borch to work it out for himself either.

The disguised perpetrator arrived “with information” which he demanded money to turn over, but this was just a ruse to access Zeeland’s computer system. Being a computer expert he has so far removed the exact hard drive of the PM’s office which would say who was driving the PMs campaign car and what route it took on the date in question and now he has enough information to know that it is probably Robert’s trusty sidekick Reinhardt who is to blame. Sarah is in the house looking at photographs which give her the clues she needs, just as zone 3’s alarm goes off. Darkness, guns and torchlight fade to black and once again we need to wait until next week for the conclusion.

What awful thing had the PM’s son Benjamin seen that occurred at the time of Louise’s death? Why did his uncle really cover up? Is Karen one of the orphans whom Zeeland helped or has she had an affair in the past – that cutty sark in episode 1 hinted at her being a bit of a goer.

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