Violence and sexual scenes were promised from the start and throughout before the episode began. Terrorist chatter was practically non-existent and David Estes, Carrie and Saul talked with Quinn about whether or not the situation was salvageable. Meanwhile Brody was taken to a deserted car park by Abu Nazir and they exchanged Islamic farewells exhorting one another to pray for them.

Brody made a necessary phone call before things spiralled further out of control. Brody had been forced to use a storekeeper’s cell phone because there had been no pay phones since the last century. He asked Carrie to keep his family safe and said he would call back in an hour. The scene cut to Mike riding to the apparent rescue and taking Jess and the children with him.

Saul teamed up with Virgil and Max to dig up some information on one of their own. Quinn’s apartment was searched, at Brody’s behest, and he had such a neat flat that they were suspicious that he was about to flee at a moment’s notice. He also had a long gun barrel cleaner which pointed to a non military weapon.

While the Brody family enjoyed an all-expenses-paid holiday, Carrie found herself preparing for the most important meeting of her career. The apartment Jess and the children were taken to was flanked on either side by CIA security in adjoining flats. Brody meanwhile met up with Brody who told them that Nazir was in the US. Brody claimed to have told Nazir to kill him because he would not give away any more information. He said that he also shared tea with Nazir and refused to kill innocent civilians and he was fearful for his family. Nazir promised him that his wife and family had nothing to fear if Brody stayed true to himself. Nazir apparently wanted Brody to let a reporter in to the home coming of 300 troops from Afghanistan the day after tomorrow when he went with the VP to greet the troops. He left out the fact that he had prayed with Abu Nazir – which if innocent he had no reason to do. Carrie said they would have to play this out. Carrie also told Brody she had his family holed up with Mike, which he said was “Smart”.

Mike and Dana talked about their mutual annoyance at Brody. Jess did not look happy to be overhearing their bonding.

Roya was to be the “delivery mechanism” for the attack at homecoming. The news that Abu Nazir was in the US was greeted with swearing by the VP. Roya seemed to think Brody had been clever with the excuse he had for going ahead with the homecoming filming opportunity. Jess and Mike toasted with some half decent wine and she offered him the spare room, making it clear that the children would be going in with her.

Quinn’s girlfriend was quizzed to verify his loyalty to the US. She phoned Quinn as soon as Saul left the room which of course he knew she would. Quinn left the surveillance operation right away to deal with some “personal admin” saying he would be away for 30 minutes. He tried the old change of bus/clothes routine to evade his tail and met up with “some guy on a city bus”.

Jess waited until the children were asleep and then went to Mike in the spare room and they both made up for lost time. When she woke up the next morning it looked as if she had gotten away with it as she went back in to her own room. They all spoke to him, bar Dana who was still too annoyed to talk. Jess broke the rules the CIA had given her about keeping to purely family stuff and asked when it would all be over.

Meanwhile Quinn was back at his desk looking mighty suspicious. Saul began to suspect more than Quinn of being on a different operation.

A news van full of camera batteries which had been switched was successfully stopped but the man they all thought was Abu Nazir wasn’t.

A final scene had Brody being picked up and about to be shot by Quinn but it was obvious that he was about to shoot Brody and then changed his mind because Abu Nazir wasn’t dead after all and everyone was told to stand down so we suppose he is still acting under official orders but the “two hats” reference is deliberately ambiguous.