The kidnapper continued to insist that he was seeking to recover a debt which appeared to be payback for the death of Louise. Meanwhile, the integrity of a few high-ranking politicians was called into question, as Prime Minister Kamper took a dramatic decision. Louise had not died at the hands of the Zeeland crew on the Friday, it transpired, because her foster family had reported her missing on the Thursday and the last person to see her had reported seeing her get into an expensive black car on a road she normally didn’t take because there was a problem with her bicycle. These reports had been doctored by the Prosecutor following meetings with the Ussing, the main opposition to the Prime Minister. Both men had their own version of events of course – one that his meeting had been informal and had only lasted 20 minutes and the other had been at university with the man so claimed it was purely a social catch up. The Prime Minister Kamper vacillated between going to fall on his sword and resign to save the party and trying to find out who really was to blame.

If Lund was to save Emilie’s life, it would be up to her to find out what the debt was and how it should be repaid. Following a request for Robert Zeuthen’s life in exchange for Emilie’s, police set out to organise the exchange. The old switcheroo was used to change vehicles, mobile phones, routes and the chase ended with the apparent shooting of Emilie on a speedboat under the bridge to Copenhagen, but was this another switch as the body took two episodes to be found. Brix at the end of episode 6 was about to open the duffle bag that the body was presumably not inside.

Points to ponder:

Brix is now being forced out of his position in much the same way that his predecessor was, to save money but to give the appearance of making amends for a failed investigation. It was ironic that his paramour Ruth was the one making sure that he was held accountable.

Sarah has slept with Borch who is obviously now either not long for this world or as guilty as sin. He appears guilty at the moment because he has covered things up and his name keeps coming up as the person who had already taken the information Sarah is now seeking.

It would appear that none of my suspects from last week can be guilty as they were all around doing other things while the chase was on at the start of episode 5 so failing them having accomplices, we’d better scratch that.

The shooting of Emilie at the start of the episode was very emotional for me at least.

Everyone in the storyline seems to have lost either a child or a lover or a job either permanently or temporarily.

Main cast and characters