Dana turned to an unlikely source for comfort. At the start of the episode she arrived at Mike’s front door while Brody and Jess argued about what would be the right thing to do. Meanwhile Carrie listened in the van outside to every turn of the disagreement. Carrie and Brody met up as soon as Jess left but it was obvious that Brody both knew he was being listened to all the time but also that he appears to be in the middle of a nightmare from which he can’t escape. Jess confessed all about the  car accident to Mike which gave him some sort of leverage should he choose to use it. Brody went ahead with his rendezvous with his handler Roya in a park but told her he was through. She told him that quitting was not an option but he wandered off refusing to discuss anything further. Carrie went after him to bring him in as he was a danger to the operation. She begged for his keys to save him from himself.

Saul and David argued about Carrie and Brody having too much of an alliance now that Brody was unravelling. Carrie took Brody to a lakeside motel to try to repair things but Brody was convinced it wouldn’t work. Dana meanwhile told Jess that it was Carrie’s intervention that had stopped Brody going to the police about the accident, that she was the CIA operative he had meant.  Brody felt he had burnt every bridge he ever had – family, CIA and Abu Nazir. He looked like a man with nowhere to turn – a man who might welcome the comfort of prison. Carrie spoke about him still having the chance to be a real hero, to stop Abu Nazir, which would wipe out all the bad things that Brody had done up until now. She told him he wasn’t alone and then kissed him while they were filmed and recorded by the CIA. The sex was noisy, sustained and apparently orgasmic.

Brody called Roya after his night’s rest and said he wished he could take back what he had said. Roya took her SIM out of her phone immediately afterwards. She met up with Brody in an underground parking garage and made him turn around and drive while handling his phone to remove the audio link.

Dana and Mike shared a breakfast of omelette and she asked him about how hurt he was to suddenly have been replaced by Brody’s return. Carrie discussed her liaison with Brody with Saul who let her know that everyone had heard the sex.

Dana tried to tell the daughter of the woman who had been killed that she was sorry and was wanting to take responsibility for being in the car but not going to the police. They daughter replied that being in the car was exactly the same thing as being the driver – is it in America?  But she also told her that she had two young sisters to take care of and that her money would stop if Dana went to the police and that she had better not ruin that for her. Dana couldn’t cope with the pay off and needed her mother’s reassurance.

Brody was apparently forced into a helicopter by Roya and the man who was a known terrorist. At the end of the episode Brody was met in the shadows by Nazir: “Ni-cho-las.”